Ron Smith & Associates, Inc. is excited to announce the 2023 launching of a new nationwide training program specifically designed for smaller law enforcement agencies across the country. The number of smaller sheriff's departments and police departments in the United States far surpasses the number of larger, better equipped, and more technically trained law enforcement agencies. In addition to the fundamental size difference, smaller agencies are just not able to send their staff members across the country, or in some instances, even across their own state, to participate in hands-on physical evidence training. This has resulted in a large percentage of sworn officers not being trained to handle evidence collection and basic crime scene processing in property crimes, which is their most significant need. The forensic experts in RS&A have been developing a two-day fundamental hands-on crime scene training program that will provide local officers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully process property crime scenes and other less complicated crime scenes. The new training program is nearing final review and completion, it is time to locate qualified instructors across the country to join our program and be part of our team to deliver this training to those who need it the most.

RS&A will provide the following to our instructors:

    1. Fully developed two-day power-point presentation which covers all the topics to be taught.

    2. The course outline includes the high points and the amount of time allocated to each topic.

    3. "Instructor's Kits" will include Latent Print Processing Kit, General Evidence Collection Kit, and DNA Swabbing Kit. (One set of kits per instructor)

    4. "Instructor's Packet" will include a class roster, student sign-in sheet, RS&A advertising material, and written directions for conducting the class.

    5. $2000 for the successful completion of each two-day training program conducted. (Payable upon return of student sign-in sheet to RS&A)

RS&A will provide the following to the students:

    1. Two high-quality days of hand-on instruction in crime scene examination provided by a very experienced crime scene instructor.

    2. One basic latent print processing kit for each student.

    3. Certificate of completion for 16 hours of training.

    4. Electronic handouts are provided to each registered student upon their successful registration

Each instructor will be required to provide:

    1. Two fully involved training days using the power-point presentation, handouts, and kits exactly the way they are designed to be used. This is critical for the overall success of the program.

    2. These training sessions would not require air travel and would typically be within a 300-mile radius of the instructor's residence.

    3. Assistance in identifying potential host agencies within the 300-mile radius.

    4. Be willing to conduct a minimum of five of the two-day courses per year, with no defined maximum as long as the classes continue to fill.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the RS&A regional crime scene training team, click the button below, complete the questionnaire, and submit it as directed.

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