Where are you going to find fully trained Latent Print Examiners to fill your future vacancies?
There are always more vacant positions than there are qualified LPEs to fill them.

Are you willing to invest the 1-2 years needed for your senior staff members to apprentice new trainees to the point where they can contribute to case production? If so, what’s the REAL cost of this approach, and will you then find yourself in a continual training mode?

We understand your staffing needs and believe there is a better way. RS&A is launching another International Latent Print Examiner Training Academy program session. This carefully designed, intense 20-week training program will produce a Latent Print Examiner who can immediately substantially impact your operation.
Students must meet stringent educational, ethical, and visual acuity standards to be accepted into the program. They will be routinely tested throughout the academy to ensure their competence in each instruction module. They will be ready for supervised casework as soon as they arrive at your agency and will have already met or exceeded all requirements for IAI Latent Print Examiner certification, except for work experience. They will have been tested through written examinations and comparison practicals, some of which are more difficult than the IAI CLPE examination.

RS&A is internationally known as the premier forensic identification training company, and we have successfully trained hundreds upon hundreds of latent print examiners to competency through the efforts of our cadre of world-class instructors. This academy is simply reconfiguring what we have been doing for years. We know latent prints, and we know training!

The academy will be held at the Meridian Community College Workforce Development Training Facility. This new state-of-the-art training facility is in Meridian, MS. It offers spacious classrooms, new computer labs, and a break room. During evidence processing classes, students will be in the RS&A headquarters laboratory in Collinsville, MS. The RS&A Collinsville lab offers students a chance to work within an operating forensic laboratory to learn basic and advanced processing techniques and laboratory safety procedures. Mock court training will be held in an actual courtroom setting where students gain invaluable courtroom experience.

Students will be provided information for the host hotel , and each student will be provided with their own room. Each room offers access to Free Wi-Fi internet, cable TV, housekeeping services, a business center, and a fitness center. A special discounted rate is given to each academy student who registers at this hotel. 

Transportation for each student is highly recommended and is the sole responsibility of the student or sponsoring agency.

The per student cost of the International Latent Print Examiner Training Academy is $19,500.00, which is far less than what it would cost your agency to complete this same level of training utilizing in-house case working analysts. Your agency will get a trained LPE in a fraction of the time it takes your agency to train an LPE in-house. How is this possible? Academy students are in a full-time dedicated teaching/learning academy without daily distractions. Students have full access to a team of highly skilled and fully committed RS&A staff who are dedicated to ensuring your employee's success. Don't hesitate to contact Academy Director Matt Marvin with specific budget requirements or questions regarding training tuition, the host hotel, or meals.

Don't hesitate to contact Academy Director Matt Marvin with specific budget requirements or questions regarding training tuition, the host hotel, or meals.

The Future is Bright! It is anticipated that there will continue to be additional academy sessions. We have the facilities and instructors to accommodate the training needs of the forensic industry.

Contact Academy Director, Matt Marvin at 1-866-832-6772 or email:
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